A fantastic morning at Woodlands School!

Date: 26th Sep 2018 @ 7:50am

Class 2 have been having a fantastic time at Woodlands School and are really enjoying their weekly sessions! It has been brilliant listening to the children's stories when they arrive back at school and hearing about all the wonderful things they have discovered there. Yesterday afternoon the children wrote about the bug hotels they created this week and described the different minibeasts they found. Here are what some of them wrote!

When we got there we sat around the fire pit and were given our task which was to go and find insects and create an insect hotel. I ran over to the rocks and lifted it up and found a little bug, then I got a piece of wood and put it on there and  it started to unravel and move. It looked like a small basketball! - Kobie Allen

At Woodland School today we were making bug hotels. At first I was with Bella, Emmie and Evie and then we helped Alice. I found an interesting bug, it had purple bits on it and black in the middle. We also found two ladybirds and two woodlouse. The actual bug hotel was brilliant, it was the best time ever! The Beetle was covered in weeds and mud. - Isla Evans


Well done to all of Class 2!

Along with our three core values, Respect, Responsibility & Resilience, we will be exploring the importance of 'Courage' during Worship time.