Class 1: Blog items

This week's Class Worship, by Mrs Hyland

Chinese New Year, by Mrs Hyland

Fantastic gymnastics , by Mrs Watts

Class One Attingham Trip, by Mrs Hyland

An Autumn Walk, by Mrs Hyland

Road safety, by Mrs Watts

Our Thank You songs, by Mrs Hyland

A Titanic Morning!, by Mrs Hyland

Woodland School Worship, by Mrs Hyland

Worship in the woods!, by Mrs Hyland

Amazing Maths!, by Mrs Hyland

Woodland School, by Mrs Hyland

Barnados Big Toddle, by Mrs Watts

Tinga Tinga giraffe, by Mrs Watts

Tinga Tinga week., by Mrs Watts

PE on the field, by Mrs Watts

Jack and the beanstalk, by Mrs Watts

PE , by Mrs Watts

Rhyming words, by Mrs Watts

The Jolly Postman, by Mrs Watts

Sponsored walk, by Mrs Watts

This half term we will be exploring the importance of 'Justice' during worship time