Miss Mary Lucas

Mrs Sallie Watts
Foundation & Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Angela Ralphs
Learning Mentor & TA Level 3
Mrs Caroline Rigby
Learning Mentor & Nursery TA Level 3
Mrs Sharon Church
Class 3 Teacher
Miss Lucy Cordey
Class 2 Teacher

Mrs Sarah Hyland
Class 1 TA and TA Level 3

Ms Janet Davies
Nursery TA
Ms April Normandin
Class 3 TA & SEN TA
Ms Miriam Butler
Class 3 TA & SEN TA
Miss Emily Jones
Class 2 TA
Mrs Lynn Daniels
School Administrator
Mrs Suzanne Smith
Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Yvonne Lazenby
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Haines-Eynon
Teaching Assistant
Mr Mark Haines-Eynon
Chair of Governors


This half term we will be exploring the importance of truthfulness during worship time