Date: 29th Mar 2018 @ 10:51am


We did Team tasks, centre orienteering and The Beach.

We went to the beach and there was quite a lot of plastic. We talked about this and we said that we can conserve and protect the beach by - if possible - making more plastic recyclable so we can recycle it. 

“We picked up plastic so animals don’t eat it and die, and I enjoyed it because I love animals. Some people could leave a a sandwich in a plastic bag and the seagulls might try and eat the sandwich but eat a bit of plastic too and then they might die.” Ella



We went to the beach again and we picked up plastic that had been washed up onto shore. We also did rock climbing and the Night Walk where we had to put pillowcases on our head!



We went raft building and canoeing. I have learnt how to build a raft from scratch and how to canoe. We conserved and protected the environment when raft building by putting the barrels and rope away after the session so that animals won’t eat them.



We went to the Dolgoch Falls for a walk, Gorge Walk and Photosearch.

”My favourite activity at Arthog was gorge walking. It was totally amazing! First of all, I didn’t know what gorge walking was but by the end I wanted to go again even though you get really cold and wet! At the beginning I got really wet and I thought I had to go back to the centre, but then I realised we were supposed to get wet and then it became great fun.” Isaac



We did orienteering and it was more fun than I thought it would be! My best moment was when my team came 1st in the competition.

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