Class 2 Trip to Weston Park

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 8:27am

Class 2 had a fantastic day out at Weston Park on Wednesday. We are thoroughly enjoying our WW2 topic and the trip made us even more excited!! When we arrived, we got given an important box that we had to carry around all day; our gas mask box! We visited an Anderson shelter and got to have a look inside to see what sort of things would have been in there. Then, we had to go and get our special ration book and identify cards stamped by very official looking officers (Joben, Isla and Tia!) After that, we experienced an air raid! The sirens began and we had to hide under our chairs and wait until the enemy planes had gone. It was exciting! After lunch, we got to look at the various gas masks used in WW2 and create our very own which was great fun. One of the most exciting parts of the day was getting to dress up in 1940's clothing. The dresses and army uniforms really suited us! It was a brilliant day, well done to all of Class 2 for behaving sensibly throughout and representing Clive School so well. 

Catherine Jones wrote:

How exciting to read about and see photos from Weston Park. I heard a lot about it at home, Marianne had a great time!

Along with our three core values, Respect, Responsibility & Resilience, we will be exploring the importance of 'Courage' during Worship time.