Severn Trent Water visit - Grace O and Freya

Date: 9th Feb 2018 @ 2:20pm

Severn Trent Water

On Friday 9th February a woman from Severn Trent Water came and did an assembly about water wasting and sewage. She was telling us about putting things like wipes, paper towels and fats, oils and greases down the toilet and sink and how it affects our water pipes. Some children came to the front and helped show pictures of the water’s journey before it reaches your taps.

Afterwards we did a water workshop, where we were

split into groups and each had a card saying “ Water waster” and “Water saver”. We sorted lots of little cards onto these two cards, whilst sorting out the amount of water the family had used into a water calculator. At the end we watched a video about sewage. It was a really interesting and fun morning!

Along with our three core values, Respect, Responsibility & Resilience, we will be exploring the importance of 'Courage' during Worship time.