Tennis at the Shrewsbury Club and Woodland School - A busy day for Class 2!

Date: 17th Mar 2020 @ 4:12pm

Class 2 had a fantastic morning at the Shrewsbury Club, playing Tennis! A Tennis coach from the club taught us lots of new skills, such as bouncing the ball on the racket (this took lots of concentration) and even bouncing the ball on the handle, which was even more tricky!! The children were absolutely fantastic, they represented the school so well. After a busy morning, we had just enough energy to get ourselves to Woodland School. We love these special times in the woods, but it seemed even more special this afternoon as we hadn't been for a while! The children never fail to amaze me in Class 2 with how well they explore and play with one another when we are there. We even had some children forming a band with rocks and wooden sticks!!! Enjoy the pictures and videos.

Along with our three core values, Respect, Responsibility & Resilience, we will be exploring the importance of 'Courage' during Worship time.