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Sponsored walk, by Mrs Watts

Spanish in Class 3, by Miss Cordey

God as a friend, by Mrs Watts

Wet but Wonderful., by Miss Cordey

Fuelling up for the walk! , by Miss Cordey

More from the trip., by Miss Cordey

Handwriting, by Mrs Watts

Shadows, by Mrs Watts

Father's day lunch, by Mrs Watts

RAF100, by Mrs Daniels

Key Stage Two Sailing Day., by Miss Cordey

Telling the time, by Mrs Watts

Outstanding Project Work., by Miss Cordey

Bikeability , by Miss Butler

Pupil Voice Feedback, by Mrs Daniels

Finding a quarter, by Mrs Watts

Alexander Graham Bell, by Mrs Watts

Along with our three core values, Respect, Responsibility & Resilience, we will be exploring the importance of 'Courage' during Worship time.