Easter journey day

We have had a fantastic Easter journey day. All classes rotated around activities led by Miss Cordey and Mrs Church, Miss Anderson and Mrs Watts. We went through the days of Holy Week. Miss Anderson taught us about Maundy Thursday. We shared the Last Supper of Unleavened Bread and juice and reminded ourselves about the importance of the Eucharist. Remember me! We also washed each other's feet and remembered that Jesus came to serve. Mrs Church and Miss Cordey taught us about Good Friday and the importance of the cross. We made crosses from sticks we had found on the hill. Mrs Watts taught us about the celebration of Easter Sunday and it's importance for Christians around the world. We learned how to say Hosanna He is Risen in different languages and found out about Easter customs and traditions from around the world. We ended our day at Church with our parents and the local community. We learned about the Road to Emmaus and talked about how we could share this Good News. Happy Easter!

This half term we will be exploring the importance of 'Justice' during worship time